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Joanne Mitchelson


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The Art and Music of Joanne Mitchelson          
 Welcome to my web site.

I am pleased to be able to share my passion and my love of painting and music.

I am a young woman who grew up in a rural setting and gained a love for the countryside  surrounding our farm near Westbury, in Northern Tasmania.

I am a Water Colour Artist based in Westbury where I grew up. I have painted in the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia.

I specialise in Tasmanian Water Colours and focus on Tasmanian Land, Sea and Mountain scenes. My paintings include Tasmania's South East Coast, East Coast beaches, Farmland, Village views and the rugged Walls of Jerusalem in our alpine area.

At times, it may be hard to tell that my works are not photographs that have gone through some sort of computer processing.
I pay so much attention to detail and apply all my skills, training and talent with the brush to achieve this. They are however, often mistaken for photos and Iím not sure whether to be flattered or annoyed!

Please browse my image gallery and if you like what you see you may wish to purchase one of my archival quality prints.
I am also available to do commissioned work but I paint from my heart so understandably I may not choose to paint a particular image if I am not moved by it.

I also love to play the Harp and the Pan Flute. My harp and I are available to play at weddings and other special events. Please contact me or look at my harp pages for more information.

Joanne Mitchelson, Westbury 2013

The Artist


The Harp Player



Joanne is an accomplished Harp player. She is available for weddings and other special events and whenever pleasant music is desired. Click Here for Details

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