Tasmanian Watercolours

Joanne Mitchelson

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Tasmania is without doubt a beautiful Island. Many visitors come to enjoy our National Parks and Alpine areas. What an inspiration it is to me to be able to venture into wilderness areas just a few kilometres from my home.
  I have chosen to divide my image gallery into four categories. Some images may appear in more than one location which will be apparent why, when looking at them.

Unlike a photographic gallery where they may be hundreds of images I currently have less than 30 images for viewing. Most of these paintings represent many months of effort and when working to a deadline where I may have a commission to finish or as in the Glover Prize, a competition date to work too,  it can be quite exhausting.

But always enjoyable and always satisfying.

I hope you enjoy my work, you are welcome to email me with your comments.


Perhaps a misnomer as I like to paint not only ocean and coastal scenes but the villages and inlets around our shores. As you can imagine there is a lot of overlap where the mountains come down to the sea.

The Native forests, rolling hills, laneways and pathways of our countryside offer me an endless choice for my paintings. I particularly enjoy the pastel colours of our drier months.

Many of our early settler cottages and homes retain both an English charm and a tough no nonsense pioneer approach. Often set amongst imported trees with native forests over broad acreage as a backdrop. This category includes landmark buildings.
2013 Joanne Mitchelson